Is it real to win a jackpot?

Its seems that it is oh-so-difficult to win a progressive jackpot. Though the odds are not so big, your fortunes may become a keystone to success. Each day, lots of players please us with their gambling results, hitting solid sums at Playfortune. Some of them win several thousands, others are lucky to get a million!

One of the record-breaking jackpots belongs to Jonathon Heywood, a player from the United Kingdom. This fortunate man has reached an incredible sum, amounting to 13.2 million!

Heywood winner fortune

Jonathon hasn't expected such pleasing fortunes when suddenly he triggered a winning combination of 5 wild symbols.

His success proves that slot machines offer rather big chances of winning, but if you wish to reach the same results, choose also poker games or blackjack. Mr. Klaus from Finland decided to check his luck in blackjack game and surprisingly has won 5.5 million USD.

klaus winner fortune

He couldn't even believe in his victory, looking at his account for numerous times. But it wasn't a mistake! In one day, he obtained five million, just having rest with a favorite game.

Of course, some of the gamblers spend their time playing slot games and expecting for miracles. The dream of Mrs. P became real thanks to Mega Moolah game that triggered a lot of high-paying combinations within several spins. To tell the Truth, Mega Moolah is one of the popular slots, pleasing players with frequent jackpots and great fun. One of the happy winners was Radoslaw M, who claimed $1.2 million!

winner fortune

Time goes and our winners are growing in number, increasingly pleasing us with hot wins. We are proud of each gamer who succeed in gambling at Playfortune. Moreover, we are extremely happy to see all newcomers who also wish to check their fortunes here.

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