Supa Jax slot game

Supa Jax is an unusual version of video poker that combines features of poker and slot machines. Plus, there is an option of winning a progressive jackpot whose size exceeds all expectations. It is much easier than the usual poker game, but the thrills are more deep and impressive. It is offered in the form of a slot machine, where instead of reels, you have cards. This game also has some features from classic slots, namely - the table with payouts and combinations over the cards.

The outcome depends precisely on your luck. The knowledge of skills is important, but its role isn't so pivotal as in the traditional version. What you need is to have is a couple of fortunes and some prudence in your actions.

Supa Jax slot review

Supajax poker. A chance to hit the jackpot is brought to you by Microgaming - a grand brand in the gambling industry. That proves the fairness of the game, its stability and convenience in use.

So, Supa Jax originated from Jacks or Better video-poker, played in the free and for money formats. You will play with 52 cards plus a SupaJax card. This extra card features peculiar secrets that can turn you into the richest gambler of Play Fortune casino. Each progressive slot has its own way to hit the jackpot, and the Supa Jax slot online isn't an exception.

Getting 4 jacks and one SupaJax will accumulate to your account the mega sum ever! This combination pays progressive reward to all gamblers who were lucky to hit it. You can follow the current amount of the prize in the top right of the screen.

In comparison with other video-pokers, this card is not the wild symbol that may complete winning combinations. So, this bonus card can't replace other images to form better hands.

Plus, we should mention that you will have only one hand.

Supa Jax slot features

If you have already played poker, you know that its major task is to get the strongest card combination. You won't challenge the dealer to qualify your hands. If you get a poker chain of cards, you automatically win. The size of the payout depends on the combination whose list is provided in the table of payouts.

  • A pair of two cards: 2-10
  • Three of a kind: 3-15
  • Straight: 4-20
  • Flush: 5- 25
  • Full House: 7-35
  • Four of a Kind: 25-125
  • Straight Flush: 50- 250
  • Royal Flush: 250-3000

The greatest goal of each poker lover is to come up with a Royal Flush (in this game, this desire is the same huge), but all dreams may come true when you end the game with 4 jacks and a Supajax casino slot! Congratulations, you have won the jackpot. Do you wish to see this message? So read the rules of this jackpot video poker and become our proud winner! There is also an online casino with a familiar title - Royal Vegas.

Getting Started

To play the Supa Jax slot online, firstly, you need to select a bet and begin the round by clicking the Deal button. You can place up to 5 coins with a certain value. The more coins you choose, then the bigger your outcome can be. Some risky players may even click BET MAX to show their courage to Lady Luck.

After that, 5 cards are dealt with you. You can leave them, change them all or just a part to make winning combinations. Click on the necessary card to hold and then press Deal again. You may draw cards only once during the round. Maybe you'd like to play Caribbean Draw poker.

More risks

Since all video pokers feature a gambling option, Supa Jax has also brought you an opportunity to get more profits. After each winning hand, you will have to decide - either to take the wins or double them in the bonus round.

As a tradition, you will need to open the card with a higher value. Right answers will entitle you to continue this feature. A mistake will return you to the base game.