King Cashalot slot

Once upon a time there was a rich king of one big kingdom with the most fruitful territories. Legends told that this emperor had extremely rich treasury which was guarded by the brave and decent warriors. People called him King Cashalot and to tell the truth he was a generous man. From time to time, he gifted some jewels and gold to those bravehearts who was able to pass several trials.

The task of these trials was to form winning combinations on the reels. That is your main objective in this game which promises to be oh-so-profitable. Although you cannot play King Cashalot free, this fact shouldn't bother you as the rules are easy enough. In due seconds, you will understand the mission's key point to fulfill all goals with prudence.

Quick spins and hot wins

King Cashalot slot machines. So, the kingdom of our Cashalot disposes five reels and five lines, but this won't prevent receiving huge payouts from lucky chains. Winning combinations land on the reels so frequently that you will easily accumulate thousands of credits.

The game style creates an impression as if you have visited a noble and exclusive dining room with classic ornaments and decorations. And please don't play this game if you feel hungry, as you will be captivated by a line of delicious symbols depicting the tastiest dishes. Colorful fruits, yummiest steaks, roasted chicken and many more. All this food is not only luxurious, but also it features extremely high payout coefficients. Be sure that this royal adventure in the Fortune Casino will result in superior profits!

An excursion over the elite castle

The game is easy as the well-known Mermaid Millions slot that the players extremely appreciate. King Cashalot slot review will be useful both for newcomers and experienced gamblers, as far as Play-fortune casino will reveal some interesting secrets of the game.

Currently, the jackpot size exceeds $ 600 000 and thanks to your bets and pains, this sum will become more giant! To ensure honest and safe gameplay, the developers have added a stable RNG that generates a random set of combinations. No fraudulence and cheating!

Although the main prize hasn't reached a million yet, you can contribute to this mission like in Major Millions.

Tips for lucky gamers

The settings allow you to select lines and coins before the beginning. Mind that you get better chances of hitting the jackpot with all activated lines and the maximum stake. But the last option may not suit newcomers, so we recommend starting with medium or even slow bets. Still, don't forget about this highest possible sum, which can give you a key to the golden treasury of King Cashalot slot machine.

The best way to obtain plenty of payouts is to follow a certain strategy. Place stakes and waste your money with confidence keeping to the concrete system. It is proved that strategies have become keystones of all gigantic wins in video slots.

If you have read this King Cashalot review but have several extra questions, visit View Pays, which contains additional information on the slot - lists of combinations, symbols, multipliers, bonuses.

King Cashalot slot bonuses

This progressive wouldn't be so profitable and alluring if it didn't boast the bonus round. The mission that King Cashalot has prepared for you seems so dangerous enough as you are going to encounter the most daunting creature ever - the Golden Dragon. But, please, hold on. 3 dragons will open the doors to the secret room with lots of chests. You need to pick three of them to see what the King will grant you.

Apart from the bonus icon, you will be glad to meet the wild and the scatter symbols.

Like in the Tomb Raider slot, these pictures may become your lucky ticket to the wealthy country of riches and coins. The wild replaces other images, and the scatter brings money anywhere on the reels.

Feel the royal generosity of our honest hero! Maybe you will break the record and hit the biggest jackpot ever. Play-fortune hopes that the journey over fairy territories will end with benefits.