Hit the progressive jackpot in Jackpot Deuces

Video poker is one of the games, which can bring you a series of extraordinary wins. While the usual poker seems complex and odd, this format is easy to play. It is not necessary to learn a scope of rules or study thoroughly some important information. All you need is just basic facts and a lot of fortunes, of course!

Jackpot Deuces is a five-card poker based on the well-known Deuces Wild where deuces or 2s act as the wild symbol. As far as you remember from slot machines, the wild icon is highly important for the game and Jackpot Deuces isn't an exception.

Short description

jackpot deuces

The interface won't present any difficulties for newcomers, as you will need just several buttons to play. Its simple and clear graphics evokes a positive mood along with a joy of future wins. Here all dreams may come true... Thanks to the progressive jackpot, Jackpot Deuces captivate each passionate gambler, whose soul needs thrilling emotions and huge wins. With one click, you may easily reach the breath-taking prize... Instead of getting some standard payouts, you are given the chance to challenge for the jackpot, steadily growing each second. Even if you are not playing at the moment, it will progress step by step.

Unfortunately, Jackpot Deuces isn't one of the free video poker games, where you may gamble for demo credits. Real money is on the stake, so you need to have a profile at Playfortune. If you are embarrassed to play online, try Deuces Wild free. This online trainer will be useful before starting the real game experience.

Main rules

The task of Jackpot Deuces is to achieve the winning hand in the round. You take the bank when you come up with one of the winning combinations listed in the table of payouts. Taking into account that you play against the machine, all wins are determined by RNG. Playfortune provides only secure and positive gaming experience along with fair results.

In difference with the classic poker, where the player is dealt 7 cards, you receive only 5 cards here. Plus, you place one stake within the round. If you wish, you may choose a betting strategy to increase your chances of winning.

How to play: a guide for beginners

The game starts with a bet placement. So, you need to put a stake per round by clicking on the payout table. The more you place, the more you may win in the end.

After the deal, you may choose which card to hold, if you are not satisfied with the results of the deal. Press DEAl again to replace the card by new ones.

Mind that you should take only those cards which may create the best hand ever.

Jackpot Deuces presents you a lot of chances to hit great payouts time by time. In this game, deuces have a role ofthe wild symbol, which completes combinations. Besides, they may form several exclusive hands which you won't find in other video poker games.

But your major goal will be to obtain a Diamond Royal Flush after placing the 5-coin bet. This combination brings you the jackpot, but other hands also deserve your attention.

Look which payouts you are going to receive for each of them.

  • Diamond Royal Flush: 300-jackpot
  • Royal Flush: 300-4000
  • 4 Deuces: 200-1000
  • Deuces Royal Flush: 25-125
  • 5 of Kind: 15- 75
  • Straight Flush: 9-45
  • 4 of a Kind: 4-20
  • Full House: 3-15
  • Flush: 2-10
  • Straight: 2-10
  • 2 of a Kind: 1-5

Check your luck at Playfortune! We wish you good results and great payouts!