Lots a Loot slot

Lots a Loot - is a real masterpiece among classic reels that can compete with its rivals. Though it is simple enough, it can bring extra cash to your pocket. Microgaming knows what you love most of all, so the developers have added convenient betting options, a friendly display, and profitable symbols - in other words, everything you want to see in slot machines. But the greatest bonus of this impressive game is its magnetic progressive jackpot, whose size has reached $6.000!

You will surely enjoy its easiest rules, opportunities to use strategies, bonuses, and frequent payouts - that is not all stuff that the creators have prepared for you. Find how to get a lot of loot in Playfortune casino.

How to play Lots a Loot

Lots a Loot slot machines. Of course, it isn't so easy to take the main jackpot of this game, but that doesn't relate to the rules. The outcome of all rounds depends on your fortunes. When Lady Luck is on your side, you may win spin by spins even if you are a beginner. And the key task of the slot is to collect as many combinations as possible.

The gaming "battle" starts on 3 reels and 5 lines - two diagonal and 3 parallel. You may play on the full screen, turn on sound and make some adjustments for more convenience.

The 3 reel game offers to bet up to 5 coins with the size of 50 cents and a maximum value - $2.50 that is mandatory is you wish to win the jackpot. Altogether, the game is easy to play, and you will surely understand how to find bases with Lots of Loot slot.

Lots a Loot online slot can be played in the regular or expert mode - the last feature enables you to activate up to 500 auto spins in the relaxed atmosphere. Set the necessary amount of spins for autoplay and watch attentively how the situation goes. This is a dynamic game with real wins and losses to need a couple of prudence and confidence. Press statistics to track your best rounds or click the Paycheck button to see the whole history of the game.

Features of the symbols

The symbols of Lots a Loot make me nostalgic about pleasant times when gambling only started developing. As far as it is a classic retro game, its symbols are simple and nice. They will not only please you with its simplicity but also give remarkable payouts for each spin.

So the hunt for profits may end with good results if you get 3 identical images per one line. If there are several winning lines, all wins will be accumulated to your account.

Playing various games, players highly wish to receive an unlimited number of treasures. Do you remember how you wanted to know how to get lots of loot in a clash of clans? Loading this slot, you will experience the same desire!

Your main helpers in search of riches will be different colored symbols, whose multipliers we listed below:

  • 3 any bars cost 4 coins
  • 3 single bars cost 10 coins
  • 3 double bars cost 40 coins
  • 3 triple bars cost 60 coins
  • 3 sevens cost 80 coins.

Some pleasant news

The game wouldn't be so profitable without the wild symbol, which is represented by a game logo. This rainbow circle features extraordinary options for gamblers! Its crucial role is to complete combinations that lack one image. For example, if you have two bars and one logo, you will receive payouts according to the table rightwards. But these are not all miracles that you are going to experience with this wild icon. It pays 2x winning combinations and can form chains from itself! 3 game logos on different lines are highly desired to hit!

  • The first line - 1000 coins
  • The second line - 1500 coins
  • The third line - 2000 coins
  • The fourth line - 2500 coins
  • The fifth line - the jackpot!

Triggering 3 wilds on the red line, you will take the biggest reward of this slot. But not every gamer can reach this sum. Maybe Lady Luck will share her fortunes and you will win like in clash clans how to get lots of loot fast. Take time, be calm and be able to wait. Fortune casino hopes that you will enjoy gambling in our online territories.