Roulette Royale - bag the progressive jackpot

Gambling becomes more thrilling when a progressive jackpot appears. A chance to hit the most overwhelming sum tickles the mind, burns the heart and leaves outstanding impressions. When it comes to the roulette, who could imagine that this well-known game would give you an opportunity to reach unreachable limits?

Roulette Royale may really evoke these feelings as far as it boasts incredibly giant jackpot that you have ever seen in online casinos. It is a special featured game with a suite of important offerings designed by the respected brand in the industry - Microgaming. The developers have added a pack of adjusted options, new features and a jackpot accumulating with every spin of the wheel. Online roulette has always brought great prospects to its customers. Playing this wheel, you will love its huge winning possibilities as well as impressive thrills with each spin.


About the game

Roulette Royale online looks like a traditional European roulette, but with a few exceptions. It comes with 36 numbers, 1 zero and several other sections to bet. The task is to guess where the ball will stop on a given spin. While the roulette is rolled, your soul will be captivated by dazzling emotions. In some case, it is a risky round as you may not win back your stake, but if your predictions are right, you get extraordinary rewards for your courage. Of course, the odds are slim, but what are the prizes...

Being a product by Microgaming, this roulette has an extremely royal atmosphere that brings a good mood. With its vivid graphic effects, it is stunning to play and as to the interface, it is easy to use so that you have only positive gaming experience.

What makes it different from a standard game is its increasing jackpot, which doesn't stop progressing. That's what primarily distinguishes roulette Royale from European or American formats.

Review of the rules

Here your objective is to place a bet either on a single number, a group of numbers, columns or so-called equal chances that match a certain series of numbers. Click on the chip to change its amount. That would be your stake per the round. Mind that playing with the highest bets raises your chances to qualify the jackpot. If you are not satisfied with the size of the bet, use clear to delete the stake you've placed.

So, when you have your stake, it is time to click on a gaming board and decide where to make a wager. As you understand, Roulette Royal slots have improved betting options that simplify the gameplay.

Put the chip either on the definite number, a line and set of numbers (2 to 1 or 1st 12) or choose the color, oddness or evenness, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.

To activate roulette, click on SPIN. Repeat allows to continue the game with the same stakes.

The path to jackpot isn't so easy as you may think. To claim your rights for this perk, you need to place a side bet and then get 5 consecutive wins on single numerals. That's an unlikely odd, but maybe your fortunes will bring you these hits?

Hints for future winners

Unfortunatey, this version doesn't boast roulette free format as far as it is a game with real bets. You need to sign up at Play-fortune to challenge for this life-changing jackpot.

Though some players may feel doubts, fearing of possible losses, we recommend to look for the free roulette game and learn its peculiarities.

To get better results, you should be highly attentive while playing in the casino on net. This activity needs your deepest commitment and great prudence. Each stake plays a pivotal role in the roulette session, so try to spend money with confidence.

At Playfortune we wish to make your rounds as lucky as possible, but we can't as the game provides random results which we can not change. And it is a benefit! The game is fair and secure for you.