Triple Sevens slot machines

Do you remember when you entertained in stunning slots 777, which looked like "one-arm bandits"? That was lucky and funny 90s you miss so much now.. will give you a ticket to the time machine to experience these pleasant emotions.

But things have changed, the world develops and modern innovations rule nowadays. We don't want to provide you boring amusements or some classic slot machines which you already know. The task is to surprise you, so we've presented for you Triple Sevens slots that can conquer your heart.

Triple Sevensa is a blackjack game with a lot of new options and offerings. Blackjack is currently played in hundred varieties, which boast improved rules and several bonus perks.

As you understand, the major pleasure of these lucky 7's slot machines lies in its fantastic sevens bringing ample rewards for combinations with this card. The biggest prize will go to the player who will get a hand of triple sevens!

Another benefit of this format is the presence of the progressive jackpot that makes you return again and again. Who will persist the temptation to the impressive sum within several clicks?

The best blackjack ever

Triple Sevens slot machine. The rules applied to this game remain the same. The mission is to get 21 points. Still, you don't necessarily have to hit this sum. If you have fewer points and your hand is better than the dealer's, you will become a winner. Mind that if you go over this number, you lose.

Firstly you receive a set of cards and the slot automatically calculates the number of points. The system of determining values is similar with the traditional Blackjack. Cards 2-10 hold the face value, while Jacks, Queens and Kings get 10 points. Ace may be valued differently depending on the situation - either 1 or 11. The privilege is given to the player.

Magic of 3 sevens

As we mentioned before, the Triple Sevens slot machine can help players increase their winnings with a progressive jackpot that rises each round. Thanks to your fortunes, you may become one of our decent winners of outrageous sums. We will eagerly tell you how to pick a winning sum in this round.

The lucky begins with the appearance of triple 7s in your hand. Though a "21 combination" features peculiar prospects and wins, still only a pack of 3 sevens brings you a right to take the jackpot of the game. In the standard version of Blackjack, 21 awards players with 3 to 2 payouts when they reach Blackjack (21 points).

More features

The main character of this slot is a seven, so this lucky number can please with some lucky features. You will be happy to know that apart from the jackpot, it has several interesting secrets that will help you succeed in Triple 7s. Don't forget to try to play Caribbean Draw Poker online.

Even one 7 in your hand gives extra rewards as follows:

  • A single seven in the combination means that you win in a 5 to 1 proportion of the bet.
  • Two sevens will please you with a dazzling 25 to 1 ratio.
  • Two suited sevens overwhelm with a 50 to 1 payou.t
  • Finally, triple sevens hit the jackpot.

Triple Sevens slot features

Here are the most important facts about the Triple Sevens slot machine, which you should know before playing online in the Fortune casino. But this is not the end. The game has another bunch of options in addition to the standard rules.

We must mention the absence of free slots 7. You need to have an account to explore the mystery of luck sevens. Next, it is important to specify some necessary moments concerning the round.

  • Dealer's cards are face up.
  • You may split your cards, but not double them.
  • Sevens may be split, but this takes away the bonus gifts.
  • The dealer stands on 17 and draws on 16.
  • A push or tie returns our bet.