Let it ride poker game

So, buckle up, bounce off an engine and take a helmet! An exclusive journey over desert roads will begin with a Poker ride slot which will overwhelm you with outrageous rewards. This exceptional progressive game can really captivate your soul with a dynamic game play which becomes harder and harder each second. There is a great deal at the stake and thus you will need to get yourself prepared! Playfortune will happily present you Poker Ride rules which will be comprehensible even for beginners. Of course, firstly we recommend to play free let it ride game to understand it its essence.

Let it ride poker game. So, this Ride game incorporates four main stages - getting started, playing and winning. Each level is highly important for the whole round, so mind that you follow attentively all of them.

The initial task is to set your first bet or Ante which is placed before the deal of the cards. Click to the necessary amount of chips to make a stake before getting the first cards. After that, the round will start.

It is important to mention that Poker Ride comes with a side bet which makes possible to win a progressive jackpot.

Well, the prime stage is completed. Then getting started to the next wave of poker excitement which begins with the Deal button. Pressing it, you will receive 3 cards face up and your task is to make an important decision. Since you have incomplete combination, the situation turns to be more serious as you thought.

Steps and decisions in Poker Ride

Having examined your three cards, you may either Call or Raise. Click Raise to make your stake higher, while Call won't change its level. No matter what you have chosen - in any case, your fourth card will be open.

Next you pass to second part of the poker ride. The ride turns to be more tense as this stage is final and after it you will know the results of this poker "duel". Here this process repeats. You can hold back from any actions (Call) or add risks to the game, increasing your main stake.

As we mentioned before, Let it ride poker comes with an option of placing an extra bet - the so-called side bet, which not only gives you more profits in case of the win, but also allows to see the hand of the Dealer. Each time placing this stake, you will open card of your opponent.

How to win at Poker Ride

Your wins depend primarily on your fortunes and the Fortune casino can't influence the result of the game as far as the gameplay is extremely secure and safe. We are eager to bring you only fair outcomes without any cheating.

The payout will be accumulated to your account, when your hand is better than the dealer has. Its amount depends on the size of your wager. The higher poker combination you have, the bigger is your total prize. Reaching the final level, you will experience the thrills of hitting the breathtaking progressive jackpot!

But it may appear that the dealer won't agree to quality and will leave the round. This situation will bring a 1 to 1 payout, even if you have collected the highest poker chain.

Progressive dreams of jackpots

Take pains to become one of our honest winners of the biggest jackpot ever! Hitting a Royal Flush combination will turn you into the rich and wealthy player, but other combinations are also worthy to collect. Straight Flush or Full House may give you decent payouts even if you haven't placed side bet.

Though fortunes are highly important here, don't forget about strategies, self-control and a good mood. Believe in your success so much as we believe! We are deeply committed to making you winning, thus offering only convenient gaming terms. Share our love for gambling and make the luckiest ride against giant wins!