Pirate fortunes in Caribbean Draw poker

Caribbean Draw is a peculiar pirate poker which is almost similar with the classic type of this striking game. One difference is obvious - it comes with a progressive jackpot which only the luckiest players may win. Now, the size of the jackpot is over $ 300 000. Having enough fortunes, you may not only take this prize, but also increase it with your stakes. Play-fortune invites you to collect pirate treasures in the game that was extremely popular among these sea burglars. Take several minutes to read our Caribbean Draw review and become well-prepared for the adventure with pirates

Even beginners may feel confident while playing Caribbean poker. The bank will come to your hands in case if your card combination is better that the dealer's. Though there are several differences, you will still easily understand how to behave yourself here.


Forget about fears! You don't need to learn pirate etiquette or their special language to speak properly with them. Just look the main stages and check whether you know how to control your emotions, be cunning and have skills of bluffing.

Thanks to opportunity of winning on big scales, Carribean Draw slot becomes oh-so-exciting, captivating your soul with each deal of cards.

Instructions for our brave gamblers

If you are a new player, please, sign up at Playfortune.com and make a deposit. In this progressive game, you will use only real money, instead of virtual. Feel that you need to train a little bit? So, choose a free poker where you may practice as much as you wish!

To play Caribbean Draw, you need to place Ante bet before cards are dealt. You make an initial stake, without knowing which cards you will receive after the deal. Your ante stake varies between 1 to 100 credits. Such diapason suits both newcomers and experienced players.

Click the necessary chip to place a bet. Then start the game by pressing Deal and receive 5 cards face up. In his turn, the dealer will also take 5 cards, one of which you will see. So, you won't know what combination he has until the round ends.

So, you have 5 different cards. Now you need to take an important decision - either to Fold, Stand or Draw. If the player isn't satisfied with the poker chain, he may stop the game and leave the poker table (in other words - fold).

Feel that you are able to win this session? In this case, the poker offers to stand or draw. Some risky gamblers wish to double their Ante when they are extremely sure in their success. While drawing the stake, you can also trade several cards in order to get a better hand. After this stage, the dealer reveals his cards and the winner is automatically determined.

Some facts about winning in Caribbean Draw

Like in usual poker online, CD has special rules on defining the winner and the payout for the round. After you and the dealer turn the cards up, there can be two possible situations:

The dealer doesn't qualify and leaves the game. In this case, you receive 1-to-1 payout, even if you have got the best poker combination ever.

The dealer qualifies and both hands are compared. When it comes that your poker combinations is better than his, you win a reward according to the type of the chain. The biggest prize is attached to Royal Flush - the Progressive Jackpot! It doesn’t stand still, it progresses, becoming bigger each second.

Check your fortunes in our Caribbean Draw! We hope that you please us with good results and become the one who will take this awfully immense payout!