Cyberstud poker

Stud Poker is one of the popular variations of the classic type which features exclusive options and characteristics. The game round comes with dynamic thrills and a cool atmosphere, which makes you feel like a real client of the elite Fortune casino. Apart from the dynamic mood, the slot comes with a friendly interface and functional buttons. Though Cyberstud differs from the traditional format, it appears understandable even for beginners. The main distinguishing feature is its attractive Progressive jackpot, which considerably grows every minute. Each player's bet, each win, contributes to its size, so it is so likely that you may become a happy owner of a million.

But first, check out the rules that Playfortune has prepared for you.

Cyberstud poker slot features

Cyberstud poker slot. Like in other types of traditional poker, to play Cyberstud poker, you need to place the Ante bet - press "+" or "-" to adjust these settings on the dashboard. The minimum size of the stake amounts to 1 USD, while the maximum is $ 50. As you see, you won't have great losses, as even the highest possible bet is accessible for you. But don't think that small stakes won't lead to big payouts. Playing in a casino online with confidence, you have many chances to hit the amazing jackpot of nearly $ 100 000. Players also can check Grand Fortune casino and realize how to play there.

Cyberstud poker differences

You may play with several real players in some poker slots, but Stud offers to check your luck with a virtual dealer like in the popular roulette royale. This doesn't make the round boring, featuring the same thrills as with online opponents. Fairness and safety are the key hallmarks of Playfortune online casino. We thoroughly verify whether the game features a secure environment for the player. Thus, you can be sure of the fair results of each round in Cyberstud.

Here you have five boxes where you will find sections for the main bet and Ante. To win, you will need to come up with the strongest poker combination. Still, this Stud has one more interesting feature. The dealer may continue the game only if he has at least an Ace-King variety. Otherwise, he will fold, and you will receive your payout for this session. Compared with other poker games, the player gets five cards at once, while usually, the dealer deals two or three cards, and the player opens others during the round. As to the dealer, he takes only one card, and when the player is ready to take the next step, he receives the other four cards.

How to play and win at Cyberstud poker

So, you have placed the Ante, which is still on the virtual table of the game. Now it is to time to press Deal and get your 5 cards. The player should consider everything before making an important decision. If you find out that you cannot collect the combination, you can fold or call. Call means that you stay in the game, but don't change your ante bet. But when it happens that you come up with a strong combination, try to raise this stake to receive a bigger payout as the reward. Don't take unnecessary risks - double your bet only when you are sure that you can beat the dealer.

After that, both hands will be compared and the winner will be defined in due seconds. Mind again that if the dealer doesn't have Ace-King, you win and take the prize.


The pleasure of playing Cyberstud slot lies in its chance to hit the jackpot with several strong mixes of cards. In this version, you receive payoffs for two bet sections - Ante and Bet. Of course, your goal is to make the highest poker hand that can defeat your opponent and lead you to the Cyberstud progressive jackpot. That's what all players are aiming to while playing at our casino.

Finally, we recommend developing a crucial strategy that will make the game easier and more profitable. Poker isn't a game of chances like online roulette. Here you should possess special skills and knowledge to raise your chances of winning. Find a proper strategy to receive as many payouts as possible.