The Dark Knight slot machine

Progressives don't look like the usual 3 reels and classic symbols anymore! A new era of jackpot games comes, and the Dark Knight slot proudly rises among them. This casino game not only presents you a miraculous world of favorite super-heroes but also gives you a chance to leave Play-fortune's halls with a superior prize. Microgaming deeply cares about its clients - thus, it is committed to offering only refined graphics along with a high number of possible payouts.

The slot will amaze you with its frequent wins, stunning bonuses, and 4 giant jackpots, which only the luckiest gamblers can hit.

How to start to play

The Batman Dark Knight slot machine. When you load the Batman slot machine, you will feel as if you are one of the protagonists of this film whose main events take place on 5 reels with 243 ways of forming lucky chains. Have you ever played the progressive slot with a 243 feature? This option may bring plenty of winning chains, but it isn't the one reason why you may try your luck here.

Dark blue colors, along with glittering shades, create a deep atmosphere that immediately captivates you. Stylish and sleek, the display looks like a top-notch and powerful computer of the secret command unit, where you need to solve the important mission. Save humankind in the Dark Knight slot machine online and be brave to meet with one of the dangerous antagonists of this saga.

An epic battle with Batman, Joker and gamers

Are you hypnotized by chance to grab several million in due seconds? If so, sign up at or Royal Vegas and play Batman the dark knight online. Initially, you will need to make a deposit and decide how much to place for the spin.

Dear gambler! If you visit our casino for the first time, we recommend to strict yourself to low stakes to prevent unpleasant situations. But when you are experienced enough, think over the maximum bet which may give jackpots on a silver platter.

When you have decided over the stake, it is time to experience an explosive action of The Dark Knight by pressing SPIN. Plus, pay attention to one method which can make the game round particularly convenient! Turn on the autoplay to feel more confident.

Extra perks for gamers

Reading the Dark Knight slot review, you may consider this product simple and ordinary. On the contrary, it has prepared a lot of gorgeous surprises that raise your chances of winning. Indeed, you won't simply spin the reels - instead, you will plunge into the hottest adventure where no one knows the result of the mission. It all depends on your fortunes, but the creators took pains to make you winning numerous times.

Batman and Joker have sworn enemies, but here they will unite to please you with successful combinations. First and foremost, our bad hero is not so angry and bad as you may think. The joker symbol awards gamblers with 15 free spins and x2 multipliers. Plus, these two icons may appear again during the free spin feature to please you with another prize (more multipliers). So, Joker's heist is an expecting occasion as it can make you rich enough.

Batman slot machine Jackpot

How can you imagine the progressive game without the jackpot option? We think that it is impossible, and the Dark Knight online won't spoil this fun. Its four jackpots can open you the doors to the luxurious world of wealth and riches. There are 4 options to hit - mini, minor, major and mega. The most desired section is mega, but the minor jackpot will offer a lot of moneybags. Spin the big wheel to check your destiny! Check what Lady Fortune will give you this time.

Looking at all mentioned facts, it seems that the Dark Knight slot-free play is extremely worthy of playing! The reason lies in its attractive rounds with high payouts and alluring multipliers.