Durian Dynamite slot

Slot Information

durian dynamite slot

We invite you to play games at Durian Dynamite. Thus, we’ll always take the time to inform you that "Quickspin" is related to the profession, to the trade to go beyond the usual. In addition, it is very possible to start the "Dynamite Wild" mode. This is why we already recommend that you prepare yourself from this moment to experience a real, truly remarkable demonstration of the fruits through the rollers. In any case, the major objective will be to ensure that there is a crossover, explosion and division into two (02) or three (03) of all symbols.

Slot information

bonuses online slot Slot machines: the reason for preferring them.

It's a game newly released in the last month of this year. Its RTP is nearly 97%; and its Variance: High. The maximum to win in pieces here is 25.152. In any case, the most interesting, important or essential are its characteristics such as:

  • Free Spins
  • Additional Random Wilds/Wilds
  • Savages, Scatter symbols

The keywords that can be redefined are in a way: Cherries, Lemons, Grapes, Watermelons, Plums. As for the colors, we'll have: Blue, Violet and Pink.

Bonus Games

For the whole bet, it will only be a bet with the "+" and "-" buttons. When the orange arrow will activate the coils, which means that it is already possible to use the automatic mode. Therefore, to activate it, it will only require the smallest button. And, Victory will be effective in the "Win" band.

We also invite you to integrate the demo game. Through Play Fortuna.

The framework to be followed will be that of:

  1. click on the link below;
  2. copy simple html code and place it on your website or blog.

NB: In case of misunderstanding, do not hesitate to submit a request.

For more information, please note that some information will be useful for your understanding:

  • Bonus game: yes
  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 20
  • Wild symbol: yes
  • Scatter symbol: yes
  • Free spins: yes
  • Risk game: no
  • Autoplay: yes
  • Max bet: 200 Dollars US
  • Min bet: 0,40 Dollars US
  • Maximum payment: 10000 Dollars US


The symbols that win or generate so many wins are here.

We will therefore see the classic fruits called "bandits- penguins" such as Bunches of grapes, Oranges, Cerises and Watermelons. As the primary symbol, Durian Dynamite can be discovered in two (02) ways:

  • in the form of wilds;
  • in the form of Dynamites Wilds only on the central roller.

Indeed, these two offer all players the chance to have the fruit split into several parts.

So, speaking of symbols and Payments, we will have like this:

  • wild: especial fruit who brings something as 75.750,500 USD;
  • watermelon: approximately 75,750.250 USD;
  • orange: more than 75,250,200 USD
  • plum: more than 75,500.125 USD
  • ships: about 50,500, 100 USD
  • dear ones: nearly 50.75, 750 USD
  • A, K: more than 25,250, 500 USD
  • Q, D: 10: about 25,125, 375 USD